How to handle moving to Prague?

Prague is called „the heart of Europe“,  it is the place where mix of many nations are concentrated because of business, job opportunities or just visiting friends. Most of the people coming to Czech Republic are planning to stay in capital city Prague. In case you are moving to Prague from abroad, you have 3 choices:

1) leave the whole apartment behind

2) move the furniture and other stuff by yourself with friends help

3) hire a moving company

How to order a moving company

Ordering the moving company is easy. There are many moving companies in Prague, pick 5 of them, make a call with your query or send an e-mail, and ask for a price quotation and free capacity for your date. It is better to start planning your move to Prague at least 14 days ahead, if you start looking for moving company (or renting a van) 2 days before your move, there is a big chance that most of them will be full and if not, the price will be higher.

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How much cost a moving company in Prague?

The easiest way how to find the most exact price is to ask for a quote 5 moving companies. When you receive the quotes, you can see the price range and decide, which one to go for, which hone has a free capacity etc. Most of the moving companies are counting the mileage and the hour rate for workers. If you decide to rent a van, you will probably save money, but will have to move all the furniture by yourself. Decide, what is the best choice for you. The average move of 2-bedroom flat for 200 km distance cost around 10000 CZK (400 €).

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How to get ready for move

There are many steps you need to follow before every move. First, get the boxes (you can buy them in store or if you are moving with the moving company, ask them to borrow the boxes). Pack your personal stuff as clothing, dishes, paperwork (clothes or paperwork usually cannot be transported inside the cabinets because of its weight it may cause damage and it is unnecessary too heavy).

Furniture, electronics etc. must be wrapped in the foil before transport, otherwise you are risking scratching or damage. You can what it on your own and save some money, otherwise moving company must charge the wrap material.

During the move keep your valuables separated and carry them with you, there is unfortunately always some chance of damage or loss.


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